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Topic Introduction to e-Commerce Topic Objectives After learning in this week, you should understand: * What e-commerce and its relationship with e-business are and how it has evolved into a second wave of growth * Why companies concentrate on revenue models and the analysis of business processes instead of business models when they undertake e-commerce initiatives * How economic forces have created a business environment that is fostering the second wave of e-commerce * How businesses use value chains and SWOT analysis to identify e-commerce opportunities * The international nature of e-commerce and the challenges that arise in engaging in e-commerce on a global scale Lab Activities Questions 1. Describe three factors that would cause a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce. 2. Choose one major difference between the first wave and the second wave of electronic commerce. Write a paragraph that describes this difference to a person who is not familiar with either business or Internet technologies. 3. What are transaction costs and why are they important? 4. Provide one example of how electronic commerce could help change an industry’s economic structure from a hierarchy to a network. 5. How might managers use SWOT analysis to identify new applications for electronic commerce in their strategic business units? 6. In about 200 words, explain the difference between language translation and language localization. 7. What are the main functions of a value-added network? Exercises 1. Read A Day in Your Life at http://cra.org/downloads/aaas-ccc.pdf, and discuss what you know from the presentation of Prof Wing with your tutor or fellow students [Sun 040313] 2. You have decided to buy a new colour laser printer for your

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