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These businesses are taking small steps and limited investments to learn and to test the possibilities and benefits that on-line tools can bring to their businesses. ...E-commerce tools allow rural businesses to change, enhance and tailor their products to better meet customer needs and to differentiate them from their competitors. ...For example, some firms tailor offers to customers based on their interests, provide online after-sales services or add to their product range by alliances with other firms. For rural businesses with niche or specialist activities or with information-rich goods or services, e-commerce technologies are creating new opportunities to compete and prosper in wider markets. ...This response is designed both to forestall on-line threats and to marry local knowledge, existing customer relationships and the value of personal contact with the judicious use of on-line technologies. The cautious approach to e-commerce technologies by some rural businesses reflects both natural reticence to the adoption of any innovation and some rural-specific factors, such as barriers to learning about e-commerce applications and the difficulties in locating business-oriented IT skills in rural areas. For rural customers and suppliers, personal contact and the 'touch and feel' factor in their buying decisions are an important part of doing business that cannot be replaced with e-commerce tools. ...Those businesses that are developing e-commerce beyond simple cost-saving applications tend to be at a critical stage or 'trigger' point in the life of their business, e.g. developing a new product or responding to government regulations. ...For them, e-commerce complements their existing business strategy and offers new opportunities to enhance and add value to the products and services on

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