E-Cig/Vaping Fundamentals and Ca Legislation Aug 2014 Essay

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California and e-cigarettes 2014 Year of the Vape LakeOfVape.com » 707.280.8570 » 707kath@gmail.com Kathleen O'Connor VAPE - Definition VAPE (verb): to vape; vaping Using a personal vaporizer device and accessories. VAPOR (noun): liquid heated until it becomes micro droplets that are so light they mix with air. VAPER (adjective): anyone who vapes using a personal vaping device. E-Liquid: Composed of various percentages of propylene glycol, glycerin, food grade flavors and sweeteners, USP grade nicotine. Eliquid does not require all these components. “e-juice/juice”: slang for e-liquid 2 Combustion v. Vapor Smoke comes from combustion. Burning tobacco leaves has been studied and shown to contain many toxins and linked to cancers. There is a chemical change to the tobacco leaves when they are BURNED. Vapor: when a liquid is heated high enough to create steam. Example: when you wash with hot water and scented soap, the steam is mostly water with the scent of soap. 3 E-Liquid Demystified Nicotine is not a carcinogen. Raw nicotine comes from the Nightshade family of plants with tobacco leaves containing the highest concentration. Processed extracted nicotine is purified to 99% in controlled lab environments. It is suspended in either alcohol or polypropylene glycol where it is sold in bulk to companies. This pharmaceutical grade nicotine used in lozenges, gums, patches, inhalers, and nasal sprays. All pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine is extracted and processed and must pass testing to get the “USP” label. Vegetables from the Nightshade Family 4 First: what are we talking about First Generation “cig-alikes” are often what most people think of when they hear the term “e-cigarette.” These devices are of poor to fair quality and of limited use. The most expensive and least effective way to “vape.” Third Generation vaping devices

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