E-Business Qrt2 Task 2

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A1. E-Commerce Solutions (Ability to Pay Online) a. Keep the company and the customer perspective in mind. How are they going to order the product? Discuss the vendor you are going to use (Paypal). Discuss how the particular vendor will benefit the company. Discuss how the particular vendor will benefit the customer. A2. Search Engine Considerations & Optimization Strategies a. Explain Importance of SEO b. Give specific recommendations and strategies. Choose three or four strategies Define the strategies you chose and why How can you make sure your company lists on the first or second page if a person was to search Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc..? How does the strategy benefit the customer? How does the strategy benefit the company? A3. International Considerations a. Make sure your website is global friendly. b. How are you going to integrate the following points into the website? Market International Strategy Organizational Issues Language Cultural Differences Infrastructure Currency A4. Online Customer Relationship Management a. Need to have an outbound Strategy. Keeping a connection with the customers in between each time they buy off of the website. How to connect (outbound) with the customers to get them back to the website? Once the customer gets to the website, what information is important to the company and why? (Examples: How long was the customer on the website, areas visited, did they order a product or service, etc…) b. CRM software Which CRM Software program is recommend and why? How are they going to capture data from the customers for the business? c. Improvement of customer experience How to use this information to better the customer

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