E-Business: Doggie Groaning Parlor And Day Care

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E-Business (QRT2) Task 3 Propose for Online Business Expansion Western Governors University E-Business (QRT2) Task 3 Propose for Online Business Expansion Doggie Groaning Parlor and Day Care is a rapidly growing business in downtown Cassville Missouri, which develops the majority of its income from the Day care and obedience training this facility also offer groaning, shampooing, and nail clipping. The company has also developed a shampoo, conditioner and tooth paste, made from all organic produce. Which is only available for sale to the groaning parlor customers. This produce is not being promoted at all, potential revenue is being lost. At this time the company does not have an online strategy; it has a single web page with a referring…show more content…
Doggie Grooming Parlor customers are likely to use the internet search engine to locate the product they are wanting to meet there needs. Doggie Grooming Parlors will need to retain the services of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) who will construct a list of key phrases, these will be rooted into the website contents once the website has been built. A consultant will assist with the development of the search ad, along with the online campaigns as previously discussed in (part 1). Facebook, Twitter accounts are established by the company as important components of the online business expansion strategy, both these accounts are free. The last thing the company will need to obtain is a domain name such as doggiegroomingpalor.com which will have to be registered and maintained. At this time to company is paying for their domain name and email through Google.com which costs that occur annually. A table has been constructed below to establish cost of implementing the online expansion project. With the estimated monthly costs of operations and maintenance, post-…show more content…
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