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Electronic Books Versus Book Books Reading a book could very well be the most timeless activity. Whether it is done for simple pleasure or with the overall intent of expanding one’s knowledge, books have been and always will be the gateway to new cultures and perspectives. A couple of decades ago it would have been unimaginable to access your entire library from a thin electronic pad, but now such behavior is practically as common as checking email or making a phone call. With the assistance of desktop computers, hand-held cellular telephones, and most of the devices in-between, books can now be effortlessly read anywhere from post office lines to pitch-black caverns—thanks to the invention of electronic-format. Many people are concerned about the transition from the traditional, physical book to the electronically-formatted book, or e-book, but it is important to remember the common goal of the two different mediums: reading a book. I believe e-books are superior to physical books when it comes to the reader, the author, and the general experience contributing to the growth of human knowledge. I didn’t always believe that, but the times are a-changing and I decided to try to keep up. I’m still curling up with a book but no longer worrying about cracking the spine, spilling coffee on pages, or otherwise harming that which brings me much pleasure. Longtime traditional book lovers are concerned about the movement from ink text to digital text. Without the measurable weight or tangible page-turning that is associated with a physical book, reading is not quite the same; however, digital books do offer readers quite a few useful alternatives. The e-book's version of turning pages, making notes, highlighting, and folding corners will not cause permanent damage to the book and the e-book's methods retain the possibility to make amendments later if

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