E-Book vs Real Book Essay

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Market Analysis: E-book vs Real Book Introduction Nowadays, as a new technology product, e-book plays a more and more important role in people's life. There is many debate appeared between buying a e-book or a real book. Some people are thinking about a question, if e-book would replace real books in future? Undeniably, all the publishers is facing a big challenge in losing market share, and they need a plan to rescue their business. At first, for book publishers, figuring out the superiorities of e-book is precondition to make a good strategy. There are five primary reasons would be introduced in this paper, they are: 1.E-book is getting less expense everyday; 2.E-book has some convenient such as you can take thousands of books at same time and read and easy to find on internet. 3.The transition of buying a e-book is easier than buying a real book. 4.It is harder to conserve a real book in a long time. However, e-book could simply do that with huge amount of books. 5.Producing real book would consume numerous resource which e-book do not. I. Pricing e-book vs. paper book Nowadays, the lower prices of e-book attract more customers to abandon the traditional paper book. For Amazon, as a leader of e-book revolution, it slashed the e-book prices to the points where lower than the wholesale price Amazon paid for the book in the first place, especially for some best-seller books on its front page. It really tempts people to purchase the e-book. The price of some kindle version is 10$-15$ less than the prince of printed edition. The same phenomenon also can be seen in other e-book sellers, for example, Nook, Apple and Kobo book store. The lower prices of e-book have several reasons. First, E-books don’t need storage, printed, delivery and other costs. Second, some of e-book sellers want to promote selling the hardware, such as Nook and Kindle.

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