E-Book , The Future Of Books?? Essay

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Does the eBook mean the end of the book? I would like to propose a study on eBooks, in so far as they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The sales of eBooks are growing exponentially, all over the world, since they were invented, a few years ago. Today, there exist many companies that sell e-readers, with different pricings, and different features. The goal of this study is to determine whether eBooks are going to provoke the end of books in our everyday’s life or not. Also, in what eBooks can bring a change for the readers? I- Definition and context: Before attempting to answer to this question, we must first define the concepts of “book” and “e-book”. A book is a set or collection of printed, illustrated, or written sheets fastened along one side and encased between protective covers. The eBook is simply a further step in the history of the book. It basically represents the change from printed-paper to digital screen, but the arrival of eBooks has both advantages and disadvantages for readers. A 2008 survey of students and faculty at several universities in the US and elsewhere found that e-readers were mainly used for research or study purposes. The device is equipped of a wireless connection to the Internet, and it becomes like a portable encyclopedia, where one can search for books just by entering the key words in the search engine. In addition, during the recent few years, sales in books has drastically decreased and been replaced by virtual reading materials. Bookstores companies, such as Indigo, are losing market share for their flagship books business in eBooks. As the digital book industry continues to expand, will this affect the sales of physical books and reduce companies revenues? To answer our question, we need to take a closer look at the different aspects of eBooks, in order to try to forecast whether it is going to
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