Dystopie In F451 Essay

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Dystopia represses the ones who are identified as “intellectuals” with particular force, because most people are willing to accept it, and the resistance to it consists mostly of intellectuals. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, dystopia is exposed to portray the evolution of a corrupt society by the overwhelming use of technology, strict governmental control, and the questioning of society. Technology is the biggest benefit to mankind. It brings many wonders to society, such as entertainment, assistance, and keeps us sane. However, it also has the tendency to control us completely. It has evolved to the point that humans no longer have to do anything at all. Mildred embodies the society as a whole, being overly entranced by technology. For instance, she is constantly in the parlor watching her “family.” When Montag kindly asked her if she could turn the parlor off because he was feeling ill, she declined his request and replied that “it was her family” (pg. 49). Mildred does not give her full attention to her own husband to take care of him. She is too consumed of the parlor that she fails to recognize the fact that it is Montag that she should be calling her family considering that they are married to each other. Mildred’s actions illustrates how corrupt the society evolved into because of technology. The human population now feeds off technology like a parasite feeds off blood. We want things more, faster, and safer until eventually, it overwhelms us and we lose ourselves in it. It will not be long before we simply become empty shells of what was once human. Population is becoming more immature, no matter what generation. The government in the society was trying to please everybody, but due to lack of control and order, their plans of progressing flopped and eventually resulted in violence and chaos. The children around Clarisse’s age frighten her

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