Dystopian Society and the Hunger Games

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In the movie The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross, many examples of a dystopian society are depicted. The entire idea of the hunger games is a dystopia. Taking innocent children who weren’t even alive during the rebellion, and pitting them against each other in a fight to the death is just one example of a dehumanized society. The Capital, which rules over the twelve districts, operates under the guise of a utopia. They believe that by taking children from each district will somehow help the districts. This is called the Reaping. Every year, the citizens of the districts and their children dress up and stand together waiting for their fate. Two children, ages twelve through eighteen, are chosen from each of the twelve districts to compete in a fight to the death. They are taken from their families, never to be seen again, unless they are the victor of that years hunger games. Most of the districts are poor and the citizens rely on their children to survive. They have to go hunting outside of the district, which is considered illegal and a punishable offense. This is another example of a dehumanized society because if they get caught hunting, they can be killed even if they are hunting to survive. The citizens of the Capital are also dehumanized. They watch children being killed by other children, and cheer for the ones spilling the most blood. They believe it is just a game, not thinking of the fact that it is sick and wrong. They take the killing as entertainment as where someone, somewhere, is sobbing over the loss of their child. These dystopian elements convey the director’s idea of this society becoming reality. His idea is based off of fear, but it is reasonable. It may be farfetched to believe, but in the future it is possible because some features of a dystopian society exist in the

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