Dysfunctional Soceity Essay

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Danilo Maia Katherine Keller ENC 1101 06/28/11 Dysfunctional Society It is not official until it’s posted on Facebook. People get the jitters if their actions are not proclaimed online. Truthfully, some people are less obsessed than others. Nevertheless, addiction of social networking pries into personal affairs. People, especially teens, create a highly vulnerable situation for themselves when distinctive information is exposed. No longer are group gatherings cherished for what they are anymore when the majority are texting and checking updated information all the time. A dysfunctional society is at hand with the addicting elements that social networking has to offer. Needless to say, social networking is transforming people’s personal lives. People are so vulnerable when they decide to post every inch of their day-to-day activities. Smart criminals (hence smart) should be on the alert for keeping track of this media. Pictures are ok to post, but what will bosses think? What are pastors going to say about that? These are some questions to consider when pondering on what images to reveal on a social networking site. The fact of the matter is that people have exercised the muscle memory and created the habit of exposing things that normally would and should be kept private. The allusion that it is a safe place and only friends that know or want to know will have access to what is uploaded is false. There are criminal hackers who can bypass security for these websites. According to Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D., a professor of psychology in California, speaking on teens, “83% believe Myspace is safe” (4). Considering Myspace was as big as Facebook in 2006, the statistic may very well apply to this day for Facebook. This should be alarming; Vulnerability promotes access. Truthfully, when a human is addicted to something, that person inevitably is

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