Dysfunctional Home Essay

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A Dysfunctional Home Her home is filled with her children. She owns five Siberian Huskies, a Python, two Sugar Gliders, and two different types of lizards. Her health is deteriorating rapidly at 23 she had her first major heart attack and decided that because she had a heart attack she couldn’t work, take care of her family, or herself. Dysfunction is ramped with arguing, no rules to follow, and it all appears to be caused by depression, health issues and a shopping addiction. There is continuous arguing over who should be taking care of the dogs. Who will feed and water them, who will let them out, who will clean up their mess in the yard, who will clean up their mess in the house. No one takes responsibility; each one of them plays the blame game. The parents will tell the children what to do and the children will argue with the parents wearing them down until the parents let it go. It is so difficult to watch the behaviors of everyone in this family. The parents have no control and they don’t hold anyone accountable. If the dishes aren’t done from the night before and no one feels like doing them the dishes don’t get done often times for days at a time. If no one volunteers to take the trash out it sits for days and no one seems to notice the stench except visitors who quickly exit the house. Laundry is piled so high it smells musty and eventually the laundry will be bagged in garbage bags and brought to the dump. It’s clear that the wife suffers from Shopping Addiction and depression. She appears depressed about her health, her appearance, the state of her home. She shops nonstop to try to make up for what she isn’t getting at home: love, respect and control. She uses her weight as an excuse not to work, clean the home, or fix meals. Is it really a lack of love respect and control or is it just being plain old lazy? According to information

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