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SAMPLE ANALYSIS OF DYNACORP CASE Note: This is example of an analysis using the strategic design lens. It is NOT intended as a template to be copied, but only to give you a better idea of what such a paper might look like. Also, note there are no recommendations in this sample, but you should make 3-4 based on your analysis. Dynacorp, a “major global information systems and communication company” has recently engaged in a significant transformation of its organizational structure. This paper uses concepts from the strategic design lens to identify the factors that have been facilitating and hindering the change process at Dynacorp. Overall, the company seems to have done a good job of analyzing its fit with the environment and crafting a strategy that is likely to be responsive to that environment. The strategic groupings seem well-suited to the strategic intent, positioning Dynacorp to be a geographically-focused, industry-specific organization that is organized to bring cross-functional talent to bear on the service as well as hardware needs of its customer. Dynacorp has failed, however, to give adequate attention to strategic linking processes, thus decreasing the chances for its organizational change effort to succeed. STRATEGIC DESIGN ANALYSIS The strategic design lens looks at an organization as an operation that has been “deliberately set up to achieve strategic goals…” (Ancona, Kochan, Scully, Van Maanen, & Westney, 1999: M-2, 10). It assumes that “by understanding basic principles of organizational design, by aligning the organization’s design with its strategy, and by making sure that both strategy and design fit the environment in which the organization is operating, managers can make their organizations successful” (Ancona et al., 1999: M-2, 12). The strategic design lens is comprised of five major elements: fit with the environment,

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