Dylan Thomas Modernism Era

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Dylan Thomas lived and wrote during the Modernism Era. This era started in the early 20th century until the beginning of World War II. Some believe that is started in the late 19th century and lasted until 1965 but that is questionable. Modernism started in Europe but Americans played an important role in it. This era was built from many cultural influences even thought any people were overwhelmed by the creation of new technology and the mass destruction from the First World War. During this time period people were often searching for the truth through nature because technology was overwhelming. Modernism also included many theories such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s psychological theories, Frederich Nietzsche’s philosophical theories, Karl Marx’s historical-cultural theories and Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories. These theories caused the authors to find the answers within them instead of searching for the truth. This movement was characterized away from realism and lead to abstractions which changed the tone, perspective and voice. Modern work was often impersonal, fragmented, sophisticated, knowledgeable, disconnected and cynical which required people to be well educated to read these types of complex pieces of work. The most popular themes during modernism were: gender and sexuality, isolation and alienation, and human psychology. Some significant American and British poets during modernism were T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, Hart Crane, William Butler Yeats, Louis MacNeice, Ezra Pound and Marianne Moore. There writers used fragmentation, stream-of-consciousness, juxtaposition, and interior monologue to develop a unique style. Modernism also had many allusions that mostly referred to classical Greek and Roman writings to help tie in some history. This era was an important time period for writing because it helped develop a new style of writing and separated
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