Dvm-a Doctor of Medicine

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CURRICULUM OF Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) for 5-Year Composite Degree Program (Revised 2010) HIG HER EDUC ATIO N CO MM ISSION HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION ISLAMABAD 1 CURRICULUM DIVISION, HEC Dr. Syed Sohail H. Naqvi Prof. Dr. Altaf Ali G. Shaikh Miss Ghayyur Fatima Dr. M. Tahir Ali Shah Executive Director Member (Acad) Director (Curri) Deputy Director (Curri) Composed by: Pakeeza Yousuf, HEC, Islamabad 2 CONTENTS 1. 2. Introduction Template for 5-year Composite Degree programme in DVM 3. 4. Scheme of Studies for 5-year in DVM Detail of Courses for 5-year Composite Degree Programme in DVM Details of Compulsory Courses 18 21 6 15 5. 98 3 PREFACE The curriculum of subject is described as a throbbing pulse of a nation. By viewing curriculum one can judge the stage of development and its pace of socio-economic development of a nation. With the advent of new technology, the world has turned into a global village. In view of tremendous research taking place world over new ideas and information pours in like of a stream of fresh water, making it imperative to update the curricula after regular intervals, for introducing latest development and innovation in the relevant field of knowledge. In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 3 Sub-Section 2 (ii) of Act of Parliament No. X of 1976 titled “Supervision of Curricula and Textbooks and Maintenance of Standard of Education” the erstwhile University Grants Commission was designated as competent authority to develop review and revise curricula beyond Class-XII. With the repeal of UGC Act, the same function was assigned to the Higher Education Commission under its Ordinance of 2002 Section 10 Sub-Section 1 (v). In compliance with the above provisions, the HEC undertakes revamping and refurbishing of curricula after regular intervals in a democratic manner
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