Duty To Family

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Duty to family is more important than following my dream. When I was a child, my parents often tell me that they wanted me to become a business woman. They sent me to many famous school hoping I would become the best student, even though my dream was to be a tour guide. I want to go to many places that I have just read about in a newspaper or a magazine. The feeling of discovering a new place made me interested, but my parents said that is not a bright future. My parents have to work very hard to earn money to raise me. They had expected to see me very successful. I struggled in my mind many times whether I should follow my parent’s dream or my dream. After my father was died in an accident, the family’s economic situation was going down and my mother was crying very night. At that time I had decided I would study very hard to become a successful business woman. I would earn a lot of money to take care of my family. My mom spent the whole of her life to take care and raise me, so now is the time I will repay her. Maybe many people will follow their dreams because they love it and want to do I, but in my thinking my family is more important than anything in the world. Suppose someone asked me if I had a choice would I still follow my dream. My answer is still that I will become a business woman because of my duty to
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