Duty of Care Nvq 2

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Duty of care in health and social care settings 1.1 Duty of care is the responsibility for taking care of another person , ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing. Giving individuals choice and safeguarding provided for service users as well as colleagues. Adhering and observing legal obligations and policies/procedures of the organisation. 1.2 In my role as a care worker, it would be restricted to my own level of competence, I would report any concerns that I have over an individual’s care or health to my work supervisor. I would follow up on these concerns on any subsequent visits to ensure concerns have been acted upon and hopefully resolved. 2.1 It would be dependant on whether the individual was able to make the decision, so the duty of care may well conflict with potential requests. If a service user was seriously unwell, it would be my duty of care to contact medical help whether the person wanted it or not. It would in this case ‘better to be safe than sorry’ and I would take the decision to act in place of the persons individual right to refuse such help. 2.2 Resolving these dilemmas could include gentle persuasion with the service user. Families of the individual. Work supervisors ,managers or others who are responsible for delivery of care to the person. Eg social workers, care managers, G.P, district nurses. 3.1 Responding to complaints might include active listening and showing empathy to the person. Following guidelines of the company and including some guidance for the complainant. Recognising my own limits of authority and competence and informing of any follow-up actions. 3.2 It is important to clarify any issues and maintain a detailed log of any such actions. Adhering to policies and procedures. Offer apologies to the individual, find solutions and be prepared to compromise, within own authority. Learn from previous complains. A
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