Duty of Care

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Principles for Implementing DUTY OF CARE 1. What is meant by the term “Duty of Care”? A duty of care is a legal requirement that all health and social care professionals, that are providing a health and care service, is that they must put the interest of the service users they help and support first and to do everything in their power to keep them safe from any harm. 2. Explain what it means to have a Duty of Care in your Own Work Role. In my work role what it means to have duty of care underpins everything that I do, it underlies the codes of practice and this should be built into my practice on a day-to-day level. This is also a legal requirement and would be tested in court in the event of negligence or malpractice. 3. Describe potential Conflicts or Dilemmas that may arise between the Duty of Care and an Individual’s Rights. Conflict/Dilemma: Crossing road A service users I am out with is trying to run into the and not waiting until it is safe to do so I would deal with this by… I would try and explain to the service that it is not safe to cross the road yet and hopefully they will understand and wait if not I would have to contact my line manager and all the staff would all think of a better way to deal with the problem in future this could by getting an extra member of staff when we are out. Conflict/Dilemma: Refusing Food A service user I work with on a regular basis is now refusing his food for a few meals I would deal with this by… I would try and encourage the service user to eat their meals but if there still refusing then I would offer them a different meal or get them to pick what they would like and then hopefully they will eat, but if they are still not eating check they daily diary to if they have been unwell or any other reason why they are not eating and last thing would be to contact manager to see if the
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