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NVQ R/601/1436 Principles of implementing duty of care in health, social or children’s or young people’s settings. 1:1 Duty of care is a legal obligation put on a carer requiring them to adhere to a good quality and standard of care. Looking after vulnerable adults it is my duty to make sure that their needs and well-being are being taken care of, as well as keeping their independence in an environment that is free from abuse and prejudice. It is my duty that all of this and other aspects of my work are carried out safely alongside my companies’ policies and procedures. 1:2 It is our duty to be able to understand and pass on procedures if we are aware or have suspicions of abuse or poor practice by another carer. Reporting and recording are the steps needed to ensure that forms of safeguarding are dealt with immediately, by giving the individuals choice and respecting their independence they may feel more confident if a safeguarding should arise. By working with the standards set out by our company and by ourselves we should prevent any harm from occurring to the individual, others or ourselves. 2:1 Sometimes people may want to take risks in their life which could cause them harm, but you have a care of duty to them to make sure they are kept safe at all time. If this dilemma occurs then a risk assessment needs to be carried out and also you could speak to the person and advise them of the risks they are wanting to take so they full understand it can be dangerous. If they still insist they want to do it you should advise your team leader and get the member sign a form to say it is their choice to do this. For example a dilemma could be a support worker is a vegetarian and the service user they support is not, the support worker is in a situation where they need to cook meat. 2:2 Managing the risks could be that a service user has decided they no

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