Duty of Care Essay

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Duty of care We can all agree that the world would be a better place if we had individual protection form our local law enforcement office. But the economy is not equipped to play as personal body guards. Police men come when called which is normally after the crime or action has taken place. Not so much for preventive care. The duty of care means that the police officers have no duty to care about each citizen individually. It means that unless a person is under certain circumstances, an officer will only act when needed. There are some exceptions to this rule. One is special relations. Special relations is when the officers knows the individuals situations and know that harm can be done if they fail to protect. For example a confidential informant. An officer knows that have the duty to protect a confidential informant due to the fact of the informant putting their life on the line. Also due to proximate cause. An officer is required to apprehend a drunk driver. If they let the driver slide this may cause a fatal accident. They have the right to do check points in order to ensure the safety of other citizens. The have to stay at the scene when the light go out also. If they leave and a person gets in an accident, that person can have that officer sued because he failed to ensure her safety. Another is to protect a criminal in custody. Just because you’re a criminal you still have the right to seek the proper medical care. Also you have the right to be protected from other inmates who you feel may put your life in danger. The lastly, you have the right to safe facilities. The jails and cars must be suitable for all people. Even those with special needs. They are to accommodate everyone and the failure to do so may result in civil court

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