Duty Of A Citizen Essay

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A citizen is a native, inhabitant, or resident of a particular place. The two primary duties of a citizen are being loyal to their country and obey the laws of their country. The secondary duties of a citizen are participate politically in their country by doing things like voting and also help those who needed help. According to the “The American Heritage® Dictionary” the definition of a citizen is a person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation. As a citizen one must be prepared to support and defend their country with their own life. A country is made up by citizens, without citizens’ loyalty, a country would not form. During the Vietnam War thousands of American male teenagers were ask to help their country, even some didn’t agree with the war itself but they still stand for their country and face their fare. And some run away from it, people say that they shouldn’t fight for anything they don’t believe in, but if no one wants to fight for their country then the country America would not form. Laws are made by the government to maintained order in the country, there is no society could exist without someone doing something wrong, to punish those people, if there are not anything to punish them then those people are going to the same thing over and over again. Not only citizens need to obey the law but they also have the duty to stop others from a crime. For example, long time ago there were no rule and people did things like stealing and killing, that created a mess in the society, in order to keep thing in order, the government made rules, the rules told people what’s right or wrong and do what they are suppose to do. If there aren’t any laws then people might think it is okay to rob a band and it is okay to kill someone you hate. So laws helped
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