Dustructors & Interpretor Of Maladies Essay

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Dick Army 9/26/11 Text work #2 Questions 1-3, and 7 page 129 1) The protagonist in this story is Trevor, or “T.” His father lost his job as an architect in the high class society where his family used to live. Obviously, the family was forced to move into a smaller house and Trevor had trouble adapting to this change. Trevor soon became friends with kids around his neighborhood and later joined the Wormsley Common Gang. It was Trevor’s ideas and influence that led the gang to destroy Mr. Thomas’s house; it was Trevor who had the most impact on the story. This concludes that he is the central character; the protagonist. The antagonist would be society. The war has affected each and every individual of the gang on the inside, even if they don’t know it; most of all, the war has affected Trevor. Trevor believes that if it wasn’t for the war, he would still be living a rich and high class life. Instead, his father must now work as a clerk, and Trevor has to join gangs. This brews the hatred of upper class society inside him. The only way (according to the gang) to take out their anger is to destroy Mr. Thomas’s house; therefore, the antagonist MUST be society. Throughout the story, only one major conflict was present. This conflict is none other than man vs. society. Trevor, for example, takes his anger out on society by destroying Mr. Thomas’s beautiful house. He becomes a member of the gang in order to take his revenge upon a society in which his parents were forced out of. Trevor and the gang are taking revenge on a society that has betrayed them. The upper class society represents snobbish values, money, and aesthetic values; values that are all associated with the 200 year old house in which Mr. Thomas lived in! 2) Suspense is created in the story when the reader is wondering how Trevor and the gang members will get away with destroying Mr. Thomas’s

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