During Times of Conflict Ordinary People Act in Extraordinary Ways

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In the realms of conflict, extraordinary things can happen. Adversity brings out the best and worst in us, and it is a fine line that distinguishes between heroism and terrorism. One person’s hero might be another’s villain, and the objectivity of throughout required to transcend the briers of discrimination and identify a true hero often eludes us. For how long can our ordinary human being assume the mantle of a hero? Conflict in the true test of this, and is the true compass by which heroes are measured and judged. Nowhere does a more unlikely hero arise that in Peter Travis’ Omagh. Michael Gallagher is the softly spoken, middle aged man who is the protagonist of the corresponding events in real Ireland. The car Bomb in the town of Omagh, detonated by a terrorist organisation called the real IRA, killed 29 people, and injured over 220. This atrocity was the spark for the forming of the Omagh Self Help and Support group (OSHSG) by Gallagher, whose son Aiden was killed in the blast. In the film and in real life, Gallagher becomes a hero, his quiet words bringing order and construction to the conflicting families of Omagh, and bringing him leadership iof the OSHSG, the organisation devoted to bringing those responsible for the bomb to justice. the real IRA was a terrorist organisation, and like more, committed atrocities in the name of ‘the greater good’. The forming of an independent Ireland, the glory of some higher power, these idealistic goals never spawn heroes, only tyrants. When human suffering is discarded as a by-product of the method to assuming power, the compass to the hero leads us only to the victims of such a terrible crusade. the RIRA’s bomb, rather than forging an independent Ireland, and more importantly, in Travis’ film, a small group of people, arrayed against them. Michael Gallagher and the OSHSG, encountering opposition t every turn,

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