Durban Vs Cape Town Essay

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Durbans negatives-durban is dirty filthy infact,our buildings look like absolute shit,all of our statues and monuments are covered in shit literally covered in bird shit our july beach fest has gone down the drain what started as the gunston 500 and then the mr price pro is now in ballito,there are not enough jobs,our municipality is the pitts and someone needs to sack old mike sutcliffe either that or that old fart needs to start pimping durbs up. Cape towns negatives-the people are plane down rude,you try stop someone to ask for the time and they pretend they cant hear you for shit.older people there (moms and dads) tend to go through a constant mid life crisis i saw moms there dressed like there 21 year old daughters,dont even get me started on common courtesy you let a person cross the street while you are in your car or give a guy a light for his smoke the examples are endless a capetonian just does not know how to say thank you.people simply can not drive there either they are the worst ever.the party scene in cape town is very over priced and there isnt much variety.there beaches are beautiful but what good is a beach on a hot day and you cant take a swim cause your willy might fall off (that water is cold) that place also needs a skatepark..also there stadium looks like a half sucked mint. Durban positives-durban has by far the best weather you can ask for summers are hot and pumping and yes our sea water is amazing.people in durban are really friendly you could be crossing the street and make eye contact with a stranger and the person will greet you like they see you everyday our party scene is explosive we have a wide variety of clubs to choose from and our stadium is the best in the country as far as looks go and durban is the only place besides india where you can get the best curries for next to nothing,durban is substantially cheaper
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