Dupont Case Analysis

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E.I Du Pont Nemours Principles of Management MGT 212 Nathan Butterbaugh December 2011 I. Purpose/Objective Through an in depth analysis of DuPont I plan on utilizing the principles and concepts studied throughout the textbook to break down the structure and provide a tangible valuation on how management works to stimulate the future growth of the company. With a tough several years embroiled in a downturned economy, a focus will be put on how DuPont has responded and adapted through its management style and implementation of strategies to maintain profitability and realign themselves with the market. II. Introduction/ History E. I. Du Pont De Nemours was founded in 1805 and was incorporated in Wilmington Delaware in 1915. The company first produced high-grade powder used in explosives. However, by the early 1900’s, the company shifted their focus to chemicals and energy to meet escalating needs by consumers and businesses. Today, DuPont is a world leader in science and innovation across a range of disciplines, including agriculture and industrial biotechnology, chemistry, biology, materials science and manufacturing. As of December 2010, according to the annual 10-K, DuPont employs over 60,000 people, amassed revenue of 322.7 billion with profits of just over 3 billion. The company has a diversified portfolio of business segments that range from seed production to auto paint-coatings and even pharmaceuticals. Ellen Kullman was introduced as the new CEO in 2009 and the since then the company has embarked on a mission of sustainability and capitalizing on agricultural efficiency in order to become a major player in that field as global population growth continues. In line with this vision, in 2010, DuPont consummated its acquisition of Dansico, a leading technology

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