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JB Priestly. Date of birth: September 13th 1894 Date of death: died on August 14th 1984 He believed that further world wars could only be avoided through cooperation and mutual respect between countries, and so became active in the early movement for a United Nations. And as the nuclear arms race between West and East began in the 1950s, he helped to found CND, hoping that Britain would set an example to the world by a moral act of nuclear disarmament. To teach people that their everyday behaviour can have a very serious impact on others' lives. For example, Sheila's snappiness in the clothes shop cost the shop assisstant her job and contributed to her suicide. He is showing that inconsiderate actions and decisions we may make off-hand can actually cause considerable problems for others, and thus we should think before we act/speak. Also he is making a point about the upper classes thinking they can walk all over the lower classes and thinking they are better than everyone else. Priestly exposes their moral insufficiencies and teaches them a lesson abotu their behaviour. Finally Priestly is making a point about old conservative people being stuck in their ways - Sheila and Eric are horrified when they discover the consequences of their actions, where as their parents continue to try and defend themselves, are more concerned about their own reputations than the fate of the dead girl, and laugh and think everything is fine again when it appears that the inspector was a

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