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Some people have the view that the events at Dunkirk in 1940 deserve to be remembered as a triumph for Britain and its people. How Far Do Your Sources Support Or Contradict This Interpretation? In 1939, World War 2 had begun. Within WW2 there were many battles, and amongst these battles, Dunkirk is probably the most significant in British War-Time History. The evacuation of Dunkirk started when Hitler ordered the invasion of France in 1940, the German military technique called Blitzkrieg (lightning war) forced the British, French and Belgian troops back to a point where they were trapped. This meant that Winston Churchill was forced to launch Operation Dynamo, a plan to evacuate all troops and equipment from the French port of Dunkirk. Some people interpret this as the British army being weak cowards, while some interpret this as being the day the British army was saved, so they can fight another day. An interpretation is the conclusion you come to when considering evidence. Different people have different interpretations for many reasons, some people explore evidence from different angles, taking into account what others don’t, and views often change with time. Considering this, there are many different interpretations on whether Dunkirk was a triumph for Britain. I'm going to explore some sources, discussing whether they support or contradict the interpretation that Dunkirk deserves to be remembered as a triumph for Britain and its people. One reason why some people come to the conclusion that Dunkirk was a defeat is because they focus on militarism. Source B9 is clear in doing this, Josh Brooman comes to the conclusion that Dunkirk was ‘a great defeat’ by focussing on the ’70,000’ men that were killed wounded or taken prisoner, the abandonment of ‘150,000’ French allies and the number of rifles and vehicles left behind. Source B9 also tells us that

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