Dunkin Donuts on the Go Idea

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BUS-101 Dunkin’ “On the Go” Essay Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain. Dunkin’ Donuts is the fastest growing quick service restaurant in the world, with more than 9,700 restaurants in 31 countries worldwide. In the United States, “Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 6,700 restaurants in 36 United States and the District of Columbia.” (news.dunkindonuts.com) Many different Dunkin’ locations were built quickly and conveniently in areas where roads were driven daily to jobs. However, an orange & pink truck bringing bagels, hot coffee, and munchkins that you couldn’t get anywhere else is delivered to you! One thing that all worksites have in common is hungry workers. No matter if it’s a construction site, a sales lot, or even a multi-story office building, wherever more then a dozen people are employed, a Dunkin’ Donuts catering truck would definitely please workers all over the United States. (jobs.thefuntimesguide.com) Dunkin’ “On the Go” trucks that service job sites throughout the work day usually come in 2 styles: The lunch truck; a stainless steel catering unit, mounted on a pickup truck. The vendor stands alongside and the truck’s sides open like wings to display the products. Usually, one side of the truck is the cold side with the display case filled with ice, and sandwiches, cold drinks, fruit, and anything else that requires refrigeration would be located on that side. The other side of the truck would likely be equipped with Dunkin’s wide variety of flavored coffees, and warming oven to keep heated breakfast sandwiches ready to serve. The catering truck is a full service kitchen on wheels. This type of Dunkin’ catering truck is manned by three to four employees. One employee may handle the customers in line, collecting money and passing orders to those inside that are doing the cooking and packaging. This is where bagels,

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