Dung Beetle Essay

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Billy Brown Prof. Bacho English 101 Nov.24, 2013 The Dung Beetle There over at 20,000 different kinds of Dung Beetles. They are black in color or gold colored It is about at least 2 inches long. It is a flying insect. The beetle is part of the scarab family. The Dung beetle is also worshipped like the scarab by the Egyptians. They a considered sacred. It is a very hard worker. It can smell dung or feces up to 2 miles. The beetle has six legs, used for shoveling tunnels and rolling dung. Dung beetles can be almost found anywhere. They live in forest, deserts, and farmlands. Any place, that’s not cold. These beetles will feed on dead leaves, decaying fruits and vegetables. How they eat is by sucking the juices from the dung. It contains nutrients. The male beetle will roll the dung with his female on it to their hole. Sometimes a rival male will try to take the dung from him. The male beetle will fight. If the male beetle wins, the battle. He will keep on rolling his dung and female partner. They will then make a home for themselves about 5 feet in the ground. The pair buries it with their young. The larva’s eat the undigested parts of the dung like wasp do spiders in their holes. Depends on what kind of Dung Beetle, the parents will wait around or just let nature takes its course. These beetles are the farmer’s best friend. They control the flies and help add nutrients to the soil.

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