Dumpster Diving Essay

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Daniel Tkachenko When Eighner's savings ran out he began dumpster diving with his dog Lizbeth It was his everyday experience and he is talking about how findings of objects is like an urban art. He uses the word "scavenging" instead of dumpster diving, because he only looks for demanding things that he needs for daily use. His clothes, medicine, books and so on came from dumpsters. As Eighner got more experienced he began to eat from dumpsters. He uses his knowledge to eat safely. Eighner eats fresh and warm pizza by pulling it out from a dumpster just behind a pizza shop. He also waits until students get on break so they throw away their food not knowing if its spoiled or not. Eighner also talks about different stages of scavenging. Some get to the stage when they try to acquire everything they touch. In the conclusion all the stuffhe found are valueless to someone, he explains that people buy so much stuff which they will never use . I think that dumpster diving is something that not everyone would do. I agree that it involves experience and some kind of art but it strongly depends on the personality. Everyone is different in this world and I’m sure that lots of people will find this really interesting. Eighner says that this is just like any other job and he does it because he likes to do it. As for me I wouldn’t prefer job like this because I don’t like to deal with dirt and most ofthe stuff you find there is just broken and worthless. I would rather work in clean environment where you can get paid so that will be able to buy anything useful object or food you

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