Dumpster Diving Essay

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LILI gomez Due Date:March 05,2012 WRIT 101-MO3 Doctor Menzie Response #3 Aim: What Kind of person does Eighner seem to be to you? Were you expecting something different when you realized that it was about someone dumpster diving? Lars Eighner's “On Dumpster Diving” describes his experiences dumpster diving. While reading the autobiography, I viewed Eighner as a very intelligent successful man. Through the passing on the story, I became aware that Eighner went dumpster diving, however, my views on him being intelligent or successful did not change. Although Eignher goes around dumpster diving he uses his knowledge to know what is good for him. Eighner knows what items are worthy enough to eat or keep as his dumpster diving varies from food to various objects and items. I actually think his views on dumpster diving is very smart. As Eighner spends his days dumpster diving, he uses his knowledge to improve things he may find. Because of his creativity in dealing with what he finds, I view Eighner as an intelligent person. I was expecting something different when I realized it was about someone dumpster diving. I was expecting Eighner to mention a couple dumpster divers he has witnessed before and his negative or positive views on dumpster diving; I was surprised to see dumpster diving was now Eighners life. Even after learning that Eighner was a dumpster diver I was not expecting him to be successful at it. Eighner seemed to be a satisfied person and made the best of dumpster diving. I see Eighner as a smart man because he is very educated and he chose his lifestyle to be dumpster diving, or as he may see it “scavenger hunting.” He used his experiences to survive and began dumpster diving even before he had became homeless. His decision was made in advance and helped him get the experience he needed rather than becoming

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