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George Bush English 100 29 February 2012 Dumpster Diving The excerpt, “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner, in the book 50 essays, contains the harsh reality of what some individuals in our society do for survival. The particular purpose Eighner tries to state is that dumpster diving, as bad as it sounds, can come in handy for survival in many different ways. In Eighner essay, the reader ultimately almost gets a survival guide from the “Dumpster Diver”. In this excerpt it gives an overview of the interesting and beneficial things a ‘diver’ can find in a dumpster. In the beginning of the story, Eighner, immediately starts off by stating certain techniques that is used in the art of dumpster diving. “Eating safely from dumpsters involves three principles: using the senses and common sense to evaluate the condition of the found materials, knowing the dumpsters of a given area and checking regularly, and seeking always to answer the question, ‘why was this discarded?’” (Eighner 147). In this particular excerpt, Eighner emphasizes the question, “why was this discarded?” This would be one of the main ground rules to dumpster diving because one will get very ill if digesting unsafe foods. Alongside asking the question Eighner also states that one must need common sense to evaluate the specific item. Without evaluating it one may be susceptible to something very harmful. The 3rd principle Eighner explains is the knowing of a given area, this portrays the significance of the diver’s methods. If one or two dumpsters continually produce acceptable items for the diver, that diver would know of that area and would be consistent in scavenging in that particular dumpster(s). Going on in the excerpt Eighner explains his first-hand experience and how he started and progressed. “I began scavenging by pulling pizzas out of the dumpster behind a pizza deliver shop”

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