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75 Readings "Dumpster Diving" Dumpster diving brings many thoughts to my mind. I picture hooligans who throw people into dumpsters to teach them a lesson, but that's not at all what dumpster diving is. Instead it is a way of life for some people who need spare necessities that ordinary everyday people throw away. Eighner began dumpster diving just one year before he became homeless. Eighner was fascinated with dumpsters but, but did not like the term dumpster diving. " I prefer the word scavenging and use the word scrounging when I mean to be obscure" (Eighner 391). But he was not embarrassed by scavenging because he saw it as an adventure. He would take great joy in finding things and it became "Something of an urban art" (Eighner 392). Even when he did find objects, he had many questions he needed to ask himself. Many times he would find food, but how did he know what was safe to eat? The answer is only the veterans knew what was ok and what was not ok. And you often had to ask yourself why is most food put in the trash? Mainly because there is something wrong with it. As Eighner explains though " a lot of perfectly good food can be found in dumpsters" (Eighner 392). When money and good food are not an option sometime you have to scavenge to make it through. Many people also may be confused on who dumpster divers are. Sure they are homeless people, hobos, scoundrels but many people do not think of anyone past that. Many rich people will dumpster dive, or simply take an object that may catch their eye from the trash. I myself, do not think I could dumpster dive, but I know have a lot more respect for those who do. They are no longer just bums to me, but instead I now see people who are simply taking on a new art. Whether it be garbage that catches your eye and has value to you, or if it simply for survival while living on the streets, I definitely will give

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