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Roy Wang Mr. Bonacorsi May 12, 2013 World History Period 5 China Shindig Report The Chinese Dumpling, or Jiaozi, is a traditional Chinese dish that is generally seen in Chinese Restaurant’s menus. Jiaozi is a huge part of Chinese culture today, because it is commonly eaten to promote good luck. The eating of Jiaozi is especially prevalent when it is Chinese New Year, because people eat Jiaozi to make their wishes come true and to have a good fortune during that year. There are many controversial theories surrounding the history of Jiaozi, but the most widely believed is the story of Zhang Zhongjing. Zhang Zhongjing lived during the Han dynasty around 1800 years ago. Zhang Zhongjing traveled across China, but one winter when he returned to his home village, he noticed that several people’s ears were frostbitten. To attempt to cure this, he wrapped mutton, chili, and other warming medicinal herbs in dough skin, which he then folded into the shape of an ear and boiled it in water. He fed his villagers the Jiaozi, and it cured the frostbite. The Jiaozi also had a very interesting taste, which made it well received by the villagers. During that time, Jiaozi was also described as “half-moon food”. Jiaozi comes in many shapes and forms. Jiaozi can be served as a round or a half-moon shape. Jiaozi could also be boiled or pan-fried; the pan-fried variety is known as Potstickers, or Guotie. However, the most important part of the Jiaozi is not the shape, or the style of which it’s cooked, but the filling. The filling can vary from chopped meat, vegetables, seafood, to even sweet fruits and types of candies. The filling makes each person’s dumplings unique since everyone who makes dumplings has something special that other people don’t have. People in China also express different meanings with Jiaozi. They do this by stuffing different kinds of items in the Jiaozi. “

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