Dumb Girls Research Paper

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These rules are directed towards the dumb girls (with no common sense) who make the good girls look bad (so obviously, only a dumb girl would get mad). You say you want honesty, so here you have it: Rule #1: Going to clubs, bars, parties, dressing skanky (which shows insecurity), acting skanky, posting skanky pics of yourself and getting wild isn’t attracting decent guys. If you want a good guy, stop going for the partiers, the bad asses, and life of the party guys with a million friends (there's no such thing as a bad boy with a good heart, so stop dreaming). And seriously, anyone who gets you into those scenes doesn’t care about your well being. Don’t let people who you probably won’t see in 15 years dictate your…show more content…
Men like "simple" women, not women who are fake, stupid and can’t think for themselves (and it’s so easy to tell them apart). Remember the first time you got drunk (or stoned)? I’m sure you didn’t want to start, but a "friend" pushed you, you did it, and now you like it! That shows you can’t think for yourself. Sadly, people who are truly themselves, and stick to their values and beliefs tend to be alone and get overlooked often, but that’s not their problem. Just because some people use their brain, it doesn’t mean they’re boring. People who can't enjoy their life without alcohol, drugs, partying, and all their friends, are much more pathetic than people who can enjoy life without all…show more content…
Umm, if today was your last day, you'd be having sex all day. Or "life’s too short". Umm, life is the longest thing you have, lol. Or how about the "I like to have fun sometimes!” I like to have fun everyday! Oh but "fun" doesn’t just mean 'drink, party, be wild and stupid' to some of us. Or, "I have the best friends ever!” Yeah, till you both have a crush on the same guy, or til you ditch the party scene (then see how many of your friends still talk to you). Speaking of friends, you're not approachable when you're with your

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