Dui Awareness Essay

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Rajvinder Singh Professor Diaz English 51 07 May 2012 Drive sober or get pulled over Nobody takes driving under the influence more seriously until they face consequences from it. I still remember when one of my friend got DUI and gone through tough period from its consequences. As a result, he always asked for rides from others, had difficulty to find jobs, paid fines without job, missed school and faced embarrassment. He really felt regret from his actions. Today driving under the influence is a major issue in the California and as well as in Yuba City as accounts for a high number of dangerous road fatalities, which also leads to risk for others drivers on road in accidents. According to UCR (Uniform Crime Report), each year about 600 driving under the influence arrests are made in Yuba City which include some serious felony arrests. For instance, in the 2008 total number of DUI arrests in Yuba City was about 569, comparing to now it increased to 676. As a result, total fatalities rate of accident also increased in our area. So, the time has come to make driving under the influence laws stricter and drivers should also take precautions to avoid driving under influence by having a designated driver, hire a taxi or call to acquaintances. Our lawmakers need to introduce and implement more strict laws of drunk driving because currently our DUI laws are not up there where it should have to be. Some people still think that they will find a loophole to get away from their actions through criminal procedures. For example, criminal procedure students discussed few cases in AJ 14 class where a person was arrested in DUI case get away by getting reckless driving instead of DUI charges because sometimes prosecutor give offer to defendant to plea on other charge and magistrate also agrees on it by using his/her discretion. Furthermore, there is

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