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Compare and contrast how Duffy and Lochhead explore aspects of the natural world in two of the poems you have studied. ‘The Dolphins’ by Carol Ann Duffy and ‘The Beekeeper’ by Liz Lochhead both explore aspects of the natural world very skilfully in their poetry. Their focus is largely similar where it is ‘the man’ in Duffy’s poem and ‘The Beekeeper’ in Lochhead’s who have ultimate control over the animals. However, they express their views in a very different manner, where both work equally well to explore the theme. It is important to examine the title of each poem in order to help appreciate how the poet will portray the theme. Duffy’s title, ‘The Dolphins’ is very straightforward and literal. It is relatively personal as Duffy identifies the dolphins and only them. It is clear that Duffy is concerned with dolphins as her poem gives the dolphins a voice in a metaphorical sense. Usually Duffy gives voice to underrepresented figures in society, particularly females, but this time unusually it is the dolphins. In stark contrast to Duffy’s personal title, Lochhead’s title, ‘The Beekeeper’ is not personal. It is a very exact and to the point title. It is interesting to note that Lochhead’s poem is ‘For Carol Ann Duffy’ perhaps suggesting that there are strong undertones and similarities of Duffy’s work in ‘The Beekeeper’. Both titles serve as a strong beginning for the exploration of aspects of the natural world by effectively introducing the reader to the thoughts and feelings of the poets about the theme. The form of each poem is very important to understand as it deepens the readers understanding of aspects of the natural world. Both poets use the form of a dramatic monologue. Duffy’s use of the dramatic monologue is very effective in her exploration. She takes on the persona of a dolphin so the reader gains access to the inner most thoughts and feelings of
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