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Due Process 1 Due Process Due Process 2 Due Process Introduction In my paper I will be talking about many things and those things that I will be talking about are the concepts of due process, about the adversarial system, and the process of post-arrest after a crime has been committed. Everything I talk about in my paper is very important in that it helps with the due process the adversarial system and the post-arrest procedures. You read all about these things in my paper. Due Process Due process is the Judicial requirement which is stated that the laws that are enacted the law can not contain the provisions that can end up resulting in the unfair, the arbitrary, or even the unreasonable treatment to that individual. Due process is also the law which it is based on that of the idea that at the legal proceedings they can not interfere with that of life, the liberty or that of the property is treated unfairly. You also have the due process in the fifth and the fourteenth amendment that are guaranteed that the person will be able to have notice of the proceedings and that they are given the opportunity to be able to be heard prior to any seizures of , the life, the liberty, and the property. Due process is also the principal that the government must be able to respect that of all of the legal rights that should owed to the people that is according to the law. Due process it is also holds the government to make sure that they are following the law and protecting the individuals from the state. If a person

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