Duck And Cover Essay

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Duck and Cover In 1951, a new Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) came up with methods to survive an atomic attack. America was very concerned after the first atomic bomb in 1949 by the Soviets. They grasped about all he destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but what the public did not distinguish was the hazards of radiation. In the early days of the Cold War, a university study on how to achieve “emotion management” helped create the methods and calm the public. In the place of an attack, the students are to kneel down underneath the desks with their hands covering the neck and head. This method was to help the schools become more involved and prepared. In the place of a drill or attack the teachers will yell, “Drop!” and the students would do…show more content…
The producers came up with scripts for the videos and an animated turtle to lighten up the drill film. The turtle encouraged the kids to immediately do the drill when seeing a bright flash because the blast would occur seconds after. This film not only based it for when children were in school but also for people in everyday life. The turtle’s name was Bert and he would wear a pith helmet and reacted to every sound and flash. Every time the monkey in the tree would set off a firecracker Bert would perform the drill and duck completely in his shell. In January 1952, Duck and Cover was completed. This video was determined to help save the lives of innocent people ad to help them become more prepared. People did not know about all of the effects that the nuclear blast could occur. Radiation sickness and the blast that would demolish a whole city were not known. Everyone was so worried about the radiation flash that would cause a severe burn. This is why the Duck and Cover video was such a hit. The theme of the video was to “beat the
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