Ducati Case Study

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Ducati Case Study | Business Strategy | | | | 09/10/2010 | | Overlook at the Company Ducati Motor Holding is a motorcycle manufacturer in Bologna, Italy. It is a very well known brand due to their achievements in the motorcycle industry, success in motorcycle racing and marriage of style and performance. The motorcycling industry is a very competitive one; there are tons of brands and different types of motorbikes. However Ducati manages to stand out. Their constant innovation and love for design makes the difference. Ducati was founded in 1926 by the brothers Ducati. They started a firm that manufactured radio components, vacuum tubes, etc. It began to be successful in 1935 and began to expand. They even managed to survive WWII, although the company was a repeated target for bombing. They copied the idea of the firm SIATA and developed their own small engine to introduce in bikes in order to motorize them. They partner for a little while and it was a great success. As Ducati embraced the success they broke up their relationship with SIATA and start their adventure solo. Their designs were a great success. As soon as the demand for bigger and more powerful motorcycles began they surprised the market with their models. They were not extremely successful or profitable, but as they make the difference they had a secure place in the market. In 1953 the entity split into two separate companies: Ducati Meccanica SpA & Ducati Electtronica (Ducati Energia SpA). They separated their production line of electronics and motorcycles. The government stepped-in and subsidize some of the modernizations of the factories of the firm and impulse their performance. The most well known achievement of Ducati is the 250cc road bike. It was a huge invention and revolutionized the industry. Since then the company has suffered some upside downs and has been

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