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dubai gold sale Write a report describing the information in the graph below. [pic] The graph gives us information on the gold takings in Dubai in 2002 and how it fluctuated during a twelve month period. Overall, the sales of Dubai gold declined slightly from January to December. In the first three months in 2002, there was a rapid rise of 150 millions of Dirhams in gold sales, reaching its peak at 350 in March. This was due to the fact that people often buy golden jewelries in the spring. After this, the gold turnover started to fall off significantly to its lowest level with approximately 110 in July. In August, there was a quick increase in the sales of Dubai gold, nearly doubled to just over 200. This was followed by a downturn in September with the same figure with July’s. From September to October, the sales went up slightly, standing at around 175. It leveled off in October and November before growing slowly to under 200 in December. In brief, the Dubai gold sales jump substantially in the early of 2002 and after that, it plunged dramatically. model answer: The line graph shows estimated sales of gold in Dubai for 12 months in 2002 in millions of dirhams. There were two main seasons for gold sales. The main season for sales is in the December to May period. Sales were consistently above 200 million dirhams per month, rising sharply to a peak of 350 million dirhams in March. However, for the next four months, sales declined steadily, reaching an annual low of 120 million dirhams in July. In August, there was a sudden increase. Sales almost doubled, rising from 120 million dirhams in July to 210 million dirhams in August. This was followed by a drop in September, back to the July figure. From September to October, sales recovered, from 120 to 180 million. In October and November, sales remained steady, and there was a

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