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Duane Morris Duane Morris’ (DM) success begins with its internal cultural stewardship. The observable and unobservable aspects that create a Quaker-like equality-based environment include: collegial decision-making; a shared vision; philanthropy and support of progressive causes; human resources management, including a thorough hiring process, no barriers between equity and non-equity partners and underpayment of top management; due diligence processes and progress through incremental change. Through these DM created a risk-averse culture. DM’s leadersUnder Bonovitz’s impulse,direction, DM developped had significant business training processes and developedalong with a 5-year strategic plan. Planning far out meant hiring lawyers who would stay with the firm was essential. To foster athat collegial and advanced level, DM directly chose lawyers with years of experience, impeccable personality, and expertise in a particular field. The high partner-associate ratio allowed DM to offer experienced service to clients and while providing cross-selling regional expertise in a wide array of areas. The scalable cross-selling idea of a practice-based rather than office-based firm allowed DM to be flexible by moving staff. (Appendix (2a and 2bX)) DM can also scale its nurturing of client relationships through its superior technology. DM’s partner equality allows the firm to retain its lawyers even though they are paid less. The management and financial structure is also easily scalable, as is DM’s process of due diligence when choosing to accept a new case. Less sustainable during growth are DM’s Quaker values, recruitment practices, internal promotion methods, small executive committee, companywide meetings and consensus-based decision-making. DM’s Quaker values may not translate nationally, not because of the number of lawyers, but because of the distance diversity

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