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In the essay “Change and Sexuality: Ursula and Ariel as Markers of Metamorphosis in The Little Mermaid” by Paul Beehler, the author writes about the metamorphic change that Ariel, the main character in the Disney film The Little Mermaid, goes through. Beehler talks about Ariel discovering her identity as she transforms from child to adult and how she has the choice of becoming whatever she wants but because of the mid-wife/witch, Ursula, she is led into a more dark world rather than one with the innocence of a child. In modern society, as a child is growing up, he is often faced with questions which he can’t answer on his own and is too ashamed to go to his parents to do so. This often leads to the child going to someone else, an older person who’s already been through more than he has, similar to Ariel finding Ursula, but depending on how this older person’s style of being is, it can lead to drastic changes in the child’s life. As Ariel tries to discover her identity with help from Ursula, Ursula can completely transform Ariel’s life from that point very easily. This is because the transformation of one’s identity is very heavily tied to society. As a person observes his surroundings, he becomes used to whatever is around him, it becomes his norm, so society, the whole world around him can easily transform this him into someone that’s just like the rest, giving him the identity of society. In The Little Mermaid, the movie begins with Ariel’s high curiosity for life on land, she’s so fascinated by it that even all the garbage from the land is appealing to her just because it comes from the land. She wants to go to visit the land but her father, King Triton, doesn’t allow her to do so because she’s too young and therefore wouldn’t be able to handle it. Ariel responds, “I’m sixteen years old, I’m not a child” openly declaring that she’s an adult, but one can easily

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