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Unexpected Universal Empathy Dualism is an inseparable part of not only human nature but nature itself, as well, and if one is talking about dualism then there is no need to mention whether it is concrete or abstract as it does not have any importance in terms of any other parameters like time, place, gender etc. The reality of dualism can be found in everything; in body, in soul, in nation, in gender and so on. However, the most important part of it is how to evaluate it; as an abnormality or as a natural cause of being? This paper will focus on the decision of staying in which part of this duality; on the opposite or the same side in terms of both gender and nation. One of the first reasons of focusing on duality in this paper is the title of Kutluğ Ataman’s film, Lola and Billy the Kid. At the very beginning of his film, after the names of the actors, film’s name is written in two different fonts; one is bigger and the other smaller and they slowly come to each other and finally meet. I believe this the first clue and film’s way to say there are two sides of everything and this film is only a tool to show the difficulties of choosing a side while at the same time struggling with the duality inside you and where you live. The term duality brings ‘quest’ along with it and turns this decision making process into an endless progress. Questing becomes the inseparable part of our lives for as far as we live, the only aim we constantly have inside is reaching somewhere; a conclusion, a place or a time. As a perfectly matching sample, we see as the first scene of the film, a man, Murat, walking alone in a dark and forest-like place. He walks slowly and looks around as if looking for something and a while later we see two men kissing each other with the help of a lightening as if it was something dreadful and frightening. Furthermore, Ataman, in order to show the

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