Dual Relationships Essay

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Dual Relationships, boundaries, standards of care, and termination Syreeta Swann Liberty University Abstract The paper will address the many practical problems and dilemmas that arise in the professional practice of mental health treatment providers. This paper gives a review of some examples of situations that question the legal and ethical issues that involves the dual relationships and boundaries that include bartering and sexual relationships between practitioners and clients. Along with these dual relationships the topics of gift giving by clients and touch by practitioner are addressed. In addition, this paper addresses the standards of care meaning what happens in the introductory phase of treatment and the ending phases of treatment and examples of reason that would involve termination of treatment to a client. Summary Dual Relationship In this example they talk about a type of dual relationship that is bartering between a counselor and a client. Barter is the acceptance of goods, services, or other nonmonetary remuneration from clients/patients in return for psychological services. The example is of a client and a counselor who trade services with one another instead of payment. The understanding is that this is something that is common in that town or community. This is a common practice in many other communities so there aren’t any codes that say it’s illegal or unethical, but they do advice counselors to be careful and to know the pitfalls. It’s stated that the way it can become unethical is if the client gets exploited. Bartering is legal and ethical, but it’s flawed with trouble and many times has negative outcomes. Boundaries In this example they look at another dual relationship that involves knowing the boundaries between a counselor and a client. This example seeks to fine the line that’s drawn to prevent boundary

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