Dual Natures in Society

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Grasso 1 Matt Grasso Miss Casciano La 101 3/25/12 Dual Nature in Society Each person on Earth is and individual and not a single human being is the same. Although humans are similar in many ways, we each carry different thoughts and emotions in our minds that are the result of our experiences and behaviors. These thoughts and emotions shape who we are and sculpt us into individuals, but thoughts and emotions, like humans, are constantly changing. Someone can have a bad experience or a happy emotion, and that person will reflect that moment into an action. That’s why humans are never one sided; we always express what’s going on through our heads in a physical way. Because our thoughts are always changing, we in turn, change with them. Every human in existence, whether it’s a character in a book or you closest friend, expresses dual natures. It is impossible to stay the same person throughout your life, and dual natures are an omnipresent aspect of society and humanity. All people have seen others with dual natures. If you don’t change the way you feel or act, then you’re not human. I’ve had many experiences with others that change their nature, but the experience that stands out the most to me is the raccoon incident of 2009. My grandpa isn’t what you’d usually expect from an elderly person. Instead of reading the newspaper on Sunday or playing solitaire by himself in his down-time, he likes to hunt for deer in the winter and go fishing for 300 pound yellow fin tuna in the summer. You can always find him chopping wood in the backyard or moving a seven ton boulder with his massive backhoe, and this has caused him to be labeled as a bit of a workaholic in my mind. I’ve always got a sense of toughness and solidity from my grandpa, but he’s human, so it is natural for him to change. The first noticeable change I saw was when we were working outside on a cool

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