Dual Memory Model

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5(b) during examinations, Tom always has difficulty recalling the materials he studied the night before. Suppose you are a believer in the dual memory model, (i) propose an explanation for Tom’s failure, and (ii) suggest to Tom what he should do to improve his retrieval of information from memory Support your answer with appropriate research findings. (7 marks) (i)The dual memory model proposed that human memory involves a sequence of three stages: sensory memory, short term memory and long-term memory It is also known as multiple memory system. Information is transferred to LTM through rehearsal. Tom’s forgetting is due to failure to transfer information form STM to LTM. Tom cannot recall the materials since he only encode information to STM, we must attend to it. Since we are selective about what we attend to, our STM will contain only what has been selected. Without rehearsal, the materials cannot enter the LTM. earsal is the process of repeatedly verbalizing, thinking about, or otherwise acting on information in order to keep that information in memory. Maintenance rehearsal is the repetitive review of information with little or no interpretation. Elaborative rehearsal involves repetition in which the stimulus may be associated with other events and be further processed. Elaborative rehearsal exists in the encoding of information within long term memory. Maintenance rehearsal alone is not sufficient for information to be transferred into long-term memory and permanently stored. In STM, the capacity of short term memory is limited. According to George Miller, the capacity of STM is 7+-2 items. This means that people can only recall about 7 unfamiliar items. Thus, Tom cannot recall all of the materials due to his limited capacity of STM. Also, without rehearsal, information in STM quickily decays with the passage of time. It remains for only a few

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