Dsm Evaluation Week 8 Essay

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DSM-IV Evaluation PSY/270 December 1, 2010 Tana Leigh Warren Case Study 1: Josephine is suffering from schizoid personality disorder. She displays symptoms with this disorder such as persistent avoidance of social relationships and little expression of emotion. The cause may have been due to an unaccepting relationship with her parents as a child or perhaps abuse from them. To treat Josephine a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach would be best. This form of treatment helps those with this disorder to experience more positive feelings and more satisfying social interactions. Case Study 2: Luis is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. This may have been from him being treated too positively in life and therefore see no wrong in themselves. Treatment for this disorder is difficult to treat because Luis is unable to acknowledge weakness, to incorporate feedback from others and to appreciate the effect of his behaviors on others. Psychodynamic therapy would help Luis recognize and work through his basic defenses and insecurities. Case Study 3: Anissa is suffering from somatoform disorder after surviving a horrific accident. In particular she has conversion disorder which is a form of hysterical somatoform disorder. The cause of this is the extreme stress of surviving a horrific accident in which two (2) of the passengers that were with her lost their life. A psychodynamic therapist would be best for Anissa because the psychodynamic therapist would make her conscious of and resolve any underlying fears. This in turn will eliminate the need for her to convert her anxiety into physical issues which she is currently doing by stating she is feeling numbness in her hands which a doctor cannot find anything wrong. Case Study 4: Karen has dissociative disorder

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