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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE The Paul Merage School of Business MGMT FE203B - MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGEMENT Instructor: Dr. Christo Karuna Office: Social Science Tower, Rm. 330 Office Hours: Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. or by appointment Tel: (949) 824-4547 Email: ckaruna@uci.edu Teaching Assistant: Ran Zhang (ranz2@uci.edu) A. REQUIRED MATERIALS Textbook: Management Accounting by Anthony A. Atkinson, Robert S. Kaplan, Ella Mae Matsumara, and S. Mark Young, Pearson (AKMY) with MyAccountingLab - Prentice Hall (Pearson), (sixth edition) Course Reader: available through University Readers Course web page access for MyAccountingLab: www.pearsonmylabs.com B. COURSE OBJECTIVES Managerial Accounting is a discipline that involves developing and using financial and non-financial information to help managers in their planning, controlling, and decision-making activities. The following are the objectives of this course: To help you understand the major theoretical and practical issues influencing management’s use of accounting information for planning, controlling and decision-making. To help you utilize analytical and problem solving skills, through the application of managerial accounting concepts to case studies of real-world organizations. To help you understand the limitations of traditional managerial accounting systems and the benefits of contemporary systems in sustaining competitive advantage and innovation. Below is a brief description of how this course will equip you with skills based on the three main themes of the Merage School MBA programs: Analytical Decision Making, Strategic Innovation, and Information Technology. Analytical Decision Making. This course will develop the analytical skills necessary to use financial and non-financial accounting information to make business decisions. It

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