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Name: Trần Đức Nam Class : A Task 2 It is obvious that people always resist making changes in their lives. It is very difficult to make changes because they are accustomed to a certain style of life. That is also a reason make them encounter a lot of problems. For example, there are a lot of students who are studying at school. They always cheat in the exams. It makes them face a lot of issues. First, although they pass the test and grade but they will be lacking of knowledge. Second , they will be dependent on others. Moreover, if they are caught when they are cheating they will be expelled. There is another changes in life. For example, some people have to change their lives for some reason such as they change their job, etc. it is very difficult for them to live in a strange place. They have to adapt to a new culture and habit which might be completely different from where they lived. Besides, it is very difficult for them to make new friends in a strange place. In my opinion, for students who are cheating in the exams. I think they should be more realistic. they should not depend on other that they should struggle in themselves. People who change their living I agree that they will encounter a lot of problems such as a new culture and language, etc. but I think people are very flexible so they will solve the problems easily. By the time, they will find themselves a part of the new society. Finally, I think everyone should be prepared for any changes in their lives all the time. 260

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